Why do they join the hospital employment minions?

More and more physicians seek employment with hospital systems.  Is it a passing fad, or the new walmartization of healthcare? When we review the motivation, many are seeking stability and less administrative hassles and the assurance of a fixed high income.

What we find interesting is that many do not realize the strings that are attached and the increased complexity that is experienced. As I spoke with an office manager yesterday, she explained the double work that has been added to her positions. Laying around her office was the newly imposed HR policy and procedure on how her employees need to request time off.

Were the physicians working hard before? If they were, we believe that they should have been able to make it as independent practices. There is no reason that a physician cannot make a good self-directed living running their own practice if they have good advice and good practice management leadership. Before you sell, talk to a practice management professional consultant to see if there are things that could save your practice prior to handing over the keys to the local healthcare system.   Make the tough choices before a healthcare system makes them for you.