Maximize your CPC+ reimbursement! You have invested significant funds and efforts into your CPC+ initiative. But if you are like most practices, you are spending a lot of time mining charts and looking retrospectively to find those patients that have care gaps. Closing those gaps (which is sometimes just documentation) will usually result in additional funds.

We can customize a solution that meets your practice needs. Things like virtual coaching, data verification and financial reporting for CPC+ will make your compliance simpler.

One solution that HMG has developed is a proprietary report that you can create for each patient visiting that day that is a quick reference to your most important quality measures. HMG will work with you to customize the report for each patient type and measures in your system that easily allow you to know where to look in the chart and those areas that need updating.

While the report will not close the gaps, it will eliminate most of the time that your nurses or staff spend looking through charts to see if the patient has received a mammogram or pneumovax or whatever other procedure you are tracking.

Sometimes the issue is training of the workforce. Training staff in motivational interviewing is sometimes an effective means of generating behavioral change. HMG can work with local educational partners to foster inter agency cooperation and collaboration to improve compliance and reduce the cost of care.

This link will take you to a sample form that could be generated for each of your patients for the day. Of course the form can be customized to your practice’s needs and specific measures of interest with things like font changes, highlights, etc to call attention to those measures that need attention.

If you have interest in having a customized report developed for your practice, please complete the form here. There is still time to maximize your CPC+ erimbursement.

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