Sometimes the office visit requires rework, you didn’t get it right the first time. An example of this would be an elective ultrasound where the baby didnt cooperate. They were out of position and didn’t allow you to get a nice picture. So what do you do? You hate to refund the full amount because you know what your costs are and you don’t want your tech to work for free. So what do you do?

This could have been avoided had you accounted for the potential re-work in your pricing. If you incorporated some margin of error in your calculation of required profit margin, you could have happily refunded the patient their money and said, “we are so sorry for the inconvenience and that you are not happy with the outcomes. Here is your fee back” Wow! what a feeling and what value.

Keeping the prices low to start might gain you patients and volume, but will not give you the value or raving customers. It also will not offset the disappointment of someone who thought that they were not getting the value that they purchased.

If you buy something inexpensive, do you automatically think that the company you purchased from will not support it? Probably not, your patients will not expect low quality service either.