Do you need to update your website? Did you approach the Computer Technology help-wanted message board of the community college or a site like to get an update to your website? If you were able to get them to update your site, you may get something changed but it may be in such tech language that you will never be able to make changes yourself in the future.

If you didn’t make it that far, one possible barrier that you faced was knowing that they would want you to have the content ready to post.   Sometimes we dont know what we want, we only know what we DON’T want.

Take a quick look at wordpress. For self-managed sites, it is an excellent content management platform that offers you templates that you can switch and format. If you have existing content that you just want to freshen-up the look and feel, you can plug that content into a WordPress layout and then try different templates to get the look and feel that you want.

WordPress out of the box can be a bit slow if you are using it for a very large website, but even large companies wpbeginner says that Yahoo, WSJ and Ebay use wordpress for parts of their websites. So, if it is good enough for them, why not give it a try.

You should be able to be up and running within an hour and able to make quick changes and modifications to your site even daily if you would so choose.