Just ran across an article on cost saving. . . . cost saving ink!    Sure we all know about toner scams and that you may want to consider generic toner.

But who would have thought switching default fonts to save ink?   The article states that ink and therefore toner use can be reduced by switching the default fonts that you use.    http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-20001913-93.html.   The author states that 60% more can be spent on a typical document’s toner cost by switching from to century gothic from franklin gothic.    Even a change from arial to century gothic will result in a 30% reduction in toner/ink.   Who knew, who would have thought of that?    Or better yet, why not route your printing to pdf files and email them or store them electronically?

I talked to a sheet metal manufacturer.   Despite the fact that they move tons of steel, believe me they watch their pennies . . .  shouldn’t you?