Most doctors have no idea if they are making the right amount of money for the effort that they put out.    They simply work hard try to see a lot of patients and hope that at the end of the day, their profits match their efforts.

I was astonished to learn the level of detail of cost and profit analysis that a local wire manufacturer knows about their product.  They know the profit margin on each line of service as well as knowing the cost of the input.

Do you know what your input costs are?  Do you know it costs to produce a 99213 or to take a rapid strep?   What about an in-office x-ray?   Is it saving you money and time, or is it something you just like to do regardless of the cost.   Work with your consultant or accountant to help you analyzed the cost of providing services.  You should know what it costs, how much you have to produce and how much you should plan on making at the end of the day.